Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Chat up lines..

Do chat up lines still work?
Did they ever?.. really?

I've heard that a woman can tell if she likes a man and visa versa in the first few seconds of meeting.. sooner perhaps after the first few seconds of conversation
Chat up lines can be funny, and humour is nice
But chat up lines delivered seriously sometimes smack of insincerity.. so may not work at all.
The most effective approach seems to be no chat up line at all. Just a genuine interest in the other person. Good listening, eye contact, and regular conversation. No bravado..
It's still a chat up.. just with no line


  1. I'm trying to imagine a seriously delivered chat up line. I get your drift, like let that mutual attraction to its damn thizzle

  2. Must admit.. I do have a penchant for the finely tuned prose. that verbal/lyrical dexterity.. steering towards the romantic. Hey... I'm chatting myself up here!.

    1. yeah *sepia hued thoughts and sunshine*, yeah I like romantic prose .. I'm afraid your blog post's chatting me up too lol

  3. Je suis désolée.. lol..Je n'y peux rien.

    I must really learn French some day

  4. votre prose est comme la musique soul

  5. Funny, but most of the people that initially meet me hate me when they first met me. My wife told me that she thought I was a complete asshole when we initially met.

    ....I think she still thinks that.

  6. Lol....I've actually heard that a few times too Reggie.. that people get together despite first impressions of mr or ms asshole...