Sunday, 21 October 2012

The law of the jungle..

Can attack the immune system.
A build up of stress is definitely something to be avoided.
Many things can cause us to experience stress, and watch out... it can be a creeper.

London buses/transport can equally affect the immune system... those little germ riddled spaces/incubators... for sure... I've had to take LT a few days now, so i think there maybe something in that.
Today, I'm really gonna try... 'bringhappyback'. Yes... bringhappyback is where you say sod it.. I'm okay.
Gonna forget any woes and be joyful. Focus on that which brings me joy.
Today, my aim is to refocus the mind, and be content in who I am, as sure enough, when you feel under the weather, the law of the jungle says you can become prey to predator’s lol. Even those you don't think will eat you, will begin to look at you and think.. hmmm (she's wounded)..maybe a little nibble.. fill me boots!
So, not seeking to become prey, my aim is solely to get better. . as quickly as possible.

For as the law of the jungle states.. the fittest of the fittest and all that malarkey


  1. Our work lives and private lives give us all stress. It is what it is. There is almost no way to avoid. For me it means, not choking the ever living shit outta someone that I work with who has earned that..........it's so hard not to.

  2. stress the extinction agenda, trust me when I say I have experienced hardcore situations brought on by stress. some months ago I went through a serious exercise in 'bringhappyback' therapy. helped, in a dont-wanna-repeat-that-shit way. quite if it's altered my general mindset I don't quite know.