Monday, 29 October 2012

Insomniacs...dreaming of shopping

Hmmm should have got more sleep perhaps.. still, I'm sure the cold will wake me up fully.
I worked with an 'insomniac' many years ago.
We used to meet on the train, she was always on time, always reading her book, and as calm as you like.
I remember feeling the whole story seemed quite incredulous, but she explained that whilst she rested.. she didn't actually sleep and hadn't done for years.

I know that when I'm tired I can feel a little grumpy, so imagine if I hadn't slept for years??
Well.. oddly enough I actually sleep less now than I used to. I know when my body needs rest and try to get it when I can, but I'm not keen on being dictated to with regards to when I should sleep, so if I'm not tired.. I don't.
But there are times when I could definitely get back to bed..
and if I'm honest, that time is now.... but .. I wont.


Nearly time for a bit of a winter shop..
Keen on a new wardrobe.. and looking for some nice boots this season.. and.. surprise surprise.. I feel a pull towards.. Topshop:).. Westfield definitely has it's charm also..
Pretty stuff.. shiny things perfumes and tinsel..
Sugar and spice and all things nice..
Nice to indulge now and again..


  1. sleep......"insomniacs are us"...indulgance everyone needs it in moderation go for those boots!!

    1. ^^insomniac in chief lol!

      I get days where the it all blurs and sleep is like an after thought. then I conk out and put in a 12 hour sleeping shift. but sleep is overrated. "I never sleep cos sleep is the cousin of the death"

  2. There are times when I dream of food.....and wake up and get up and go to the grocery store.

  3. Yes BC.. love boot shopping

    Those simply conk out nights can be sweet Chrome

    That's serious Reggie.. must admit.. I've awoken with hunger pangs and raided the fridge myself