Sunday, 7 October 2012

Does anyone still 'do' Black History Month?..

Is it too genteel, too lukewarm.. dozy?.. Or is it a way to great way to get a message across, remind the younger generation of events in black history they may not hear about in schools?.. not forgetting us elders.. and others
What say you about BHM.
What has it changed?.. has it helped anyone.. anything?
Is it time to shift gear.. focus..

Don't really know where this post came from.. and this may seem like an odd mix..Isley brothers and old slave trade images... ( maybe it's some weird subconscious thank you to our ancestral freedom fighters... who knows)...but it's what I'm listening to , and perhaps thinking about right now so enjoy..
Happy Sunday xx

Oh.. and happy B'day bro..( hopefully you can still manage the odd rastaman skank :))

Man and boy..



  1. I think its still relevant though never quite sure about the narrative and how its all presented. for one the celebration itself has a very American slant and doesn't properly address the history of the Caribbean from Cuba to Jamaica. I dropped Nanny of the Maroons on my teenage niece of Jamaican heritage and she looked at me blank

  2. Is it February already?!?

    I think that it's always important to know our history. Our history is important, especially since if you don't know it you could be doomed to repeat it.

    Of course I grew up going to school here in The United States; and black history month always seemed to be something our history teachers glazed over.....because they didn't want to discuss it (them being white I suppose).

    All that being said, I think it's time to move on. I haven't been a supporter of BHM for years now. We should all know our history and if no one chooses to teach us, then we should look for that information ourselves.

  3. Chrome - It's often presented a bit like a coffee morning or a boring TA meeting in the main.. It would be a great start to get our youngsters to learn more of the UK black British/African Caribbean experience(good and bad) and work back perhaps..

    Reggie - We have ours in October.
    Our history is important. There's so much I still don't know want to know, and am learning. It's world history.
    Yes.. it's time to move on but by that I mean forward..in some way
    I don't know what schools teach nowadays. and to be honest I'm of the opinion that you spoke of.. if it's not forthcoming...we should look for that information ourselves..