Thursday 19 March 2015

Brymo - 1 Pound

Brymo is an amazing artist with a great voice.
He has carved his own spot.

I woke up this morning and the light bulb had blown in my bathroom. I realized just how much I take having electricity for granted.
I can easily replace the lightbulb.
for others.. not so easy

As I walked home yesterday two grown men had 'words'.. one was so afraid he tripped over his own feet!. shortly after I passed them, they began fighting. I stopped and watched. I was a little afraid.
I'm glad someone parted them.
I have lived in the UK all my life. there are many benefits to that. and in the main I like it.. I appreciate it..I know it. yet my desire to live elsewhere is strong.
I love my job, my family. So who knows
My souls desire and all that...

Perhaps my yearning will be quenched by simply taking some time off....sleeping in, then doing some gardening in the warm air, whilst listening to some good music
that and a kiss....
Feel free to send me one
Then again perhaps it will not.

hmm.. I really don't know what to wear this morning....

Good morning all x
Good morning Brymo ! Don.

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  1. I think we take a lot of modern conveniences for granted. The light bulb was certainly a good invention!