Sunday, 12 January 2014

A few thoughts for Sunday

and i'm in the mood for a nice easy track.

Having a chat with someone about life and choices got me thinking about mistakes I have made, or choices which if I were on the outside observing me, I may have felt were poor choices.

Nothing unusual about them , and in some ways it is the fact that these so called poor choices were not unusual that made me feel a little sad for a moment.

If I can recognise them clearly in others now, how could I not see them in myself then?
Because I didn't know then.
Thought I was somehow immune to the obvious outcome?
No idea.
I was a lot younger then
( yet i suspect there's room for more:)

I think that sometimes there are those among us who will do or say things they wouldn't ordinarily do, or believe in, in order to gain something: affection, attention, respect, admiration, a person, .. anything
But it's not really genuine is it

Perhaps that's just the way it is.

I knew a girl once who changed her diet to suit a guy. She suddenly liked the taste of beer, and chicken. ( previously alcohol free and vegetarian)
At best it's relatively harmless (they say imitation is a high form of respect)
But at worst it can ruin a persons life. e.g Drug abuse or prostitution. I remember reading somewhere that a high percentage of women on 'the game' got into it via a boyfriend.

I think it helps to have a vision for your life, the kind of people you'd like to share it with, and that you remain on track, with degrees of flexibility of course.. remaining open to new things etc. Yet, having said all that.. I've read that 'we' can never really be 'off track' even if things don't make sense to an observer, and even during those 'poor choices'

You believe that?

There's a scene in the film Runnaway bride where Julia Roberts cooks her eggs 3 ways.. to decide for herself which eggs she truly preferred. ( and i'm not sure why I remembered that)
Enjoy your day

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