Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Orientalism? sorted.. :)

I'm really pleased because my presentation went really well tonight. I did quite a lot of work last night writing up the supporting script. It was me and one other student. He's so cool with his commanding voice, very animated, and an ex headteacher so I was taking no chances… I went first!!.
I needn't have worried. We were both on point, and our presentations were both great!
I was nervous at the start :)
Not sure why but I think it may be because I know, that they know, their stuff.
Got good feedback from my lecturer which was very cool

Now.. I can relax on that, focus on my essay, and enjoy the presentations to come!

My presentation was on Orientalism, so I spoke on the work of Said, Anderson on Nation/Nationalism as a counter discourse, Huntington, on the Clash of Civilizations, and Hall on the West and the Rest
Fit quite a bit in for 5-10 mins

Anyway.. off the bedfordshire soon
Hope you all had a nice day


Edward Said

'The essence of orientalism is the ineradicable distinction between western superiority and oriental inferiority' (Said 1985)

Stuart Hall

‘In a sense, Orientalism was a library, or archive of information commonly held..'

Ideas or a set of values that enable Europeans to explain the behaviour, of Orientals, supplant them with a mentality, it can be argued that Orientalism equipped Europeans with a system to manage, explain, and deal with .. difference.


  1. Congratulations! I'm so glad everything went well.

  2. Thanks Dana.. i'm relived that bit's done. I quite enjoyed it