Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Grammy pics?

Talented pairs

and talented couples

Pharrell's hat has received a lot of attention..
Hey I like his cool style

As has Madges outfit..

and In honour of that outfit.. a li'l sup'm for the Cane


  1. I think Pharrell looked silly. He looked like he was headed to a swap meet and not The Grammys. I did think he looked rather cool though. Oh and ah, Madonna looked like she was channeling that guy from Kentucky Fried Chicken.

    I don't get style, I couldn't be one of those people breaking down everyone's outfit for the evening. My idea of style is whatever looks good on the mannequin.

  2. I like Pharrells quirky style..he seems to wear whatever he likes regardless.
    Quirky looks good on him I think