Monday, 20 January 2014


A good day.
I heard someone mention that today was 'Blue Monday'
A depressing day when many people feel 'blue', higher bills to pay, broken resolutions, etc etc

I wonder how many people felt fine before they heard that...
( the subliminal power of words and all that)

Fortunately, I haven't found today blue at all.
No blue Monday for me.
Today has been alright.

So happy Monday all x.
Take it in your stride.
If you felt 'blue'... be kind to yourself.. one step at a time
and.. just because, here is a bad joke to get you smiling..

"A woman comes into the kitchen to talk to her husband and says, "Honey just look at me. My legs are heavy, thighs are getting big, and boobs are sagging. I could really use a complement right about now." The husband replied, "You have really good eye sight!"


  1. I love Mondays because I love my job. But I love today because I took today off. It's MLK day here.

    1. * whispers* me too.. :)
      MLK Day! Yes indeed.. I hope you had a lovely day!

  2. Had a good LOL at your bad joke! Unfortunately, my eyesight is pretty good too.

    1. Lol Ironically mines not so great!
      My arse could be a big as a small town.. I'd never know, besides.. it's behind me so it don't count!.

  3. I had no idea about Blue Monday. I'm trying to think back now to what kind of day I had. I can't remember, so I'll just say it was good. :) LOL at the joke!