Thursday, 9 January 2014

Thursday night selection ft Luton Fyah

This week has gone by very quickly.
Came home and slept for about 2hrs... seem to have caught my second wind now, so definitely not as tired

I don't drink coffee but I can appreciate the whole... 'stay awake boost' some people claim to get
Anyway... weekend is almost upon us, and that feels good.. simply because...


Have you ever thought about the ways in which some people’s relationships end?... or at least the reasons why they end. There are times when it's quite clear... other times.. perhaps not so clear. I think it's a shame when outside interference, or bad advice, pulls people apart.. and keeps them apart.
I also think it's a shame when competition pulls people apart, ego, finances, or poor communication

But then sometimes I pause and think...
How else do we really learn but through our experiences.
Gotta know the bad.. to recognise the good


Cool beat on this track

Just because... it's Friday tomorrow