Sunday, 19 January 2014

Run on Sunday

Sounds like some type of city shenanigans
But it's not.

This Sunday is a late morning start, and finds me with a bit of a cold and stomach ache.
Nothing major, but enough to have delayed my morning run.
Burn off some of that post Christmas extranicebuttness. Well not burn off exactly, just.. take care of it. ( blink and you'll miss it)
Yet here I am, drinking tea.

I'm sad to hear the news presenter Komla Dumor has died. 41yrs young.
I remember the 1st time I saw him reading the news it was really late/early morning BBC, and I thought.. cool.. nice change.
I followed him on Twitter after that. He came across as a really nice man
By all accounts he has had a wonderful career [click]
RIP Komla

I will catch up on some news, finish my weekly reading, cook, maybe watch a movie, rest.. oh and run.
No big plans.. hoping for an easy like Sunday morning kinda day
Have a nice day all
Happy Sunday x.

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