Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Rather Be

It's absolutely freezing out tonight!!
Wow..Gonna warm up now..

This Friday 31st January 2014 is Chinese New Year
The Year of Horse

The Horse is apparently one of Chinese favorite animals. The Horse provided people with quick transportation before automobiles. The Horse is a symbol of traveling, competition and victory. That's why the Horse is connected to speedy success in China.

Horses like to compete with others in pursuit of their freedom, passion and leadership. That implies that people will have busy schedule for their goals in the year of Horse. Horse hour of the Chinese Horoscopes is from 11 A.M. to 1 P.M. Sunshine generates lots of heat during the Horse hour. Therefore, the Horse is connected to heat, fire and red. Horses like the social activities, because Horses like to show off themselves. The Horse is a social animal, and red is also connected to love, therefore, The Horse is treated as a Romantic Star in the Chinese Horoscope.

Genghis Khan built the Mongol Empire with the aid of Horses. The Mongol Horses were a smaller breed, they were bred for endurance, not for speed like stallions. Genghis Khan conquered Eastern Europe so quickly because Eastern European countries never realized Mongol cavalry can arrive their territories so fast and they didn't have enough time to prepare the defense. They said each Mongol cavalryman had three or four horses.

Mongol cavalryman even knew how to sleep in the saddle. That's why they could travel long distances without stopping. We know Horses can sleep while standing. Mongolian Horses had a better sleeping skill..when they ran in a group, the Horse in the center could sleep while running.

The Horse is an intelligent animal but without a human's guide, a Horse just a wild animal. It doesn't know where to go. There is no destination in its life.

Me personally?, I absolutely love Horses. I've long wanted to take riding lessons but I've just never got around to it. ( and I have stables not far away from me!!)
I think they're stunning looking animals, and extremely intelligent. I find them graceful and strong.
I think Horses understand when you speak to them. I think they love.
I was horrified and disgusted when I heard of the Horsemeat scandal last year.. and not just because I'm a 'so called' pescatarian
Someone said.. 'well what did you think they did with them?'
In truth I never did think along those lines.
I think it was wrong to pass off one meat for another, and anyway, I think Horses are special. How hungry are we to be eating Horses?
I love most animals but my favourite animal is a Horse - did you know that already?
Apart from our cats Rocky and Snoop that is!
( They're too cute for words)


  1. horses are also psychic bc they know when you are tired or you want to go home so they are like cats but bigger!

    1. I didn't know that! - so they really are extra special :)

  2. The cold... I'm so ready for spring.

    1. I'm ready too Dana.. I'm ready too
      brrr enough cold now

  3. The Year of the Horse will be EXTRA special for people who love horses!

    1. Promise? :)). Now that fills me with joy! Yippee!!!!

  4. We have a field in front of our house and a guy keeps some of is horses in there and my younger daughter loves them. Me, not so much. They chew through our wooden gate!

    1. lol!!. Clearly there's alot I don't know about them.. I didn't know they chewed gates!.. I thought that was goats!
      I'd be starry eyed like your daughter.. probably wanna feed them, and brush them