Saturday, 4 January 2014

Rainy days and Saturdays

It rained most of yesterday and looks as though it may do the same today

I don't mind at all.. I have no real intention of going out, so can enjoy it from the warmth of the home and the view from from the window.
To be honest on days like this I feel inspired to tidy the garden a little because I find it easier, as the water softens the soil and clears pathways.. but...

I have a few bits to do around the house and for myself today, so really need to get on with that, in addition to resting and doing very little

So a nice quiet one today. as the others have a party to go to
I've not seen Django yet but I bought a copy, so if it comes in the post i'll watch it later.. or, when I get my business sorted may go to the movies

Play it by ear as the saying goes..
Enjoy your day

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