Monday, 6 January 2014

Viva Las Vegas

Moments matter

I love when Kai stays over and I get home from work and he's still here, because he runs to the door and gives me a big cuddle.. always.
He's so happy.. small and perfect.

A show I like to watch sometimes is called 'Don't tell the bride'.

In the show the groom must organise the entire wedding and the bride is kept in the dark. I'm currently watching a groom buy football boots for his bride to wear on the day , whilst she's elsewhere clutching a very pretty pair of high heals ( and hoping)
He's a football fan.. she loves him.

She doesn't know it yet but they will actually getting married on the pitch at half time...
They wont forget their special day that's for sure...
(it turned out to be quite moving for her dad as he's also a football fan)

A wedding day is a day you really want to get right isn't it?. You pray that you've made the right choice.. and not only of best man, cake and venue.. but by that time I guess you just know don't you
Ultimately, a wedding day is a special day.
If I were to get married I think could trust my chosen one whoever he shall be to organise it..if needs be.. I think.

Hmmm.. then again.. maybe not.

My dad organised my mums wedding. Apparently he bought her wedding dress, the bridesmaids dresses, suits, booked the church.. everything
I've seen the pictures and the dress was beautiful, and fitted perfectly.
They're some of my favourite pictures
I'm not sure why he did it all, other than he really wanted to.

I think wedding planners have a wonderful job.
In another life... maybe I'd be a wedding planner on the side

Pre marriage counselling is being recommended more often these days, but i'm old skl in that I believe you should talk to each other ( but if counselling helps.. wonderful)

I'm not normally keen on novelty weddings, but you know what? .. I could be tempted by an Elvis impersonator... for some odd reason.?!
Seriously.. I could


  1. Ha ha, I've noticed you are feeling very romantic at the moment. Just wondering if you have someone in mind. :D

  2. I know!, Joe,.. I don't know whats come over me.. as I absolutely haven't!.. honest :)

  3. But you wouldn't turn away Mr Right if he came along? :)

  4. *smiles* hmmm, no, I think I could deal with that :)