Wednesday, 26 February 2014

In a war zone yet still a woman

On the train today I noticed a poster.
Its tagline read... 'The worst period of her life'.
Included in the ad was a number to text to donate money to purchase and distribute Feminine Hygiene Kits to women in war/conflict zones/ IDPs / and refugees.

Most people would agree that war is possibly one of the worst of human experiences, situations rife with human suffering, but add to that.. being a woman... and being a woman who menstruates.

I have often wondered how women manage in non western rural areas, but over time, and using common sense, had worked that out, yet, then.. there's war.
I hadn't considered that some NGOs distribute what's known as Feminine Hygiene Kits. (Which are also culturally and geographically sensitive). For example, there will be a choice of a cloth, which can be washed and reused, or, what we in the west would call standard regular items, such as sanitary towels or tampons. ( the lack of ability to dispose of such items would make them untenable for many.. hence the cloth)

Anyway, I wondered what else could be in those kits ( also know as Woman/Female Hygiene Kits) and have since found this. This is a kit - distributed by a charity.

Composition of Women Hygiene Kits

The Women Hygiene Kits have a standard/minimum list of items that can cater emergency needs. Additional items according to the need of youth and female members of the community, can be added after their involvement as per resource availability by humanitarian agencies.
The following list of items can be taken as a standard list .

Items list Specification/Number
Sanitary pads/ napkins/ cotton/ small & Large size pads/ 8 Meter cloth - Either one depending upon acceptability of Community
Panties - 3 no - Depending upon acceptability
Soap - 3 bars
Number of items can be reduced according to the family size & possible number of girls/women - and small children
Hair comb - 3 No
Hair oil 300ml
Cream (anti rash/nappy rash) 250g
Antilice shampoo - 160g/ 10 sachets
Washing soap - 8 Bars
Towels - 5 No
Nail cutters - 1 No
Tooth brush - 5 No
Tooth paste - 2 (economy size)
Mugs/jugs/ - 2
Bucket - 2
Chaddar/sheet - (cotton) 2
Dish wash - 2 No
Soap dish - 1 No
Dish wash brush - 3 No bag
1Parachute packing bag
Hair removing cream/lotions One Bottle Optional,

Possible example

Is there anything else you would add to this?..


  1. What a perfect list. I would just add ibuprofen to the list incase of any pain.

    1. Absolutely!.. Smart addition L.L