Friday, 21 February 2014

The problem in CAR is economic, says President Catherine Samba -Panza

Catherine states that the international medias focus on religious differences in the Central African Republic, is obscuring the real issues, and the real cause/s of the conflict

'This is not a religious conflict'.. she asserts, it's causes are ultimately economic, of poverty, of exclusion, poor governance, and inequality

Catherine Samba - Panza is only in office for 1yr, and apparently as interim president will not be able to stand for office. Seeing herself as a mother to all, Catherine is confidant she can achieve and fulfill her mandate.

Watch Catherine's interview in full on AlJazeera [here]

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  1. I hadn't been to visit in a while - so, i read and listened to several posts - BUT, I wanted to stop here and leave a comment. The video does not want to play in the united States - but, your comments are so marvelously wise and insightful, i just wanted to say - Thank You for all the sharing you do. Your contribution makes a marvelous difference in the world . . . (and in my life.)