Friday, 21 February 2014

Zimbabwe's Pan African Leader

Is 90 today
It's his birthday

Robert Mugabe..

..fought against colonial rule, helped guide the country (Rhodesia) to Independence, and has remained in power ever since. Zimbabwe gained thier Independence in 1980.

Mugabe's land policy was established to re-balance land ownership in Zimbabwe. This policy was controversial then, and has remained so ever since.
Prior to land redistribution, the white minority owned approx over 90% of the fertile land. On Independence, many whites decided to leave the country altogether, although many remained.

When I think of Zimbabwe, I think of the history, the struggle for independence (like South Africa, and many other African states) I think of the freedom fighters and revolutionaries.
So many lost their lives in the pursuit of freedom, some survived.. and lived to tell the tale.

As with all struggles against oppression, there will always be internal battles, differences of opinion, power struggles. It was messy in South Africa, and messy in Zimbabwe.
To say messy is putting it lightly. It was downright awful.
I guess there will be those who would prefer to bury the past altogether, yet does anyone, or any nation, ever really do that. Our histories shapes us.

Zimbabwe’s leader has held onto his Pan African ideals. Some may say he hasn't changed with the times, that he's un-flexible, an autocrat, some even say racist. Yet when you consider the extent of African soil being sold right now dirt cheap ( no pun intended ), would you say some of his fears may be justified?

What would you fear.. if you had fought colonial rule?

Is it right that families, tribes and villagers are being moved of their lands to make way for foreign investors, do you condone what’s now being coined 'villagisation?'
Is it not neo colonial?
Or is it simply.. progress?

Is Mugabe's 'war', a war against capitalism, racism, colonialism.. Western imperialism?
But it's not just Mugabe's 'war' is it.

I've a film to watch.. it's called Mugabe and the White African, which I'm told will impact on me greatly. To be clear, I abhor anyone being hurt, or worse. I abhor violence, yet we can't forget that colonialism was violent, as was/is apartheid. Is there such a thing as a non violent revolutionary?.. sure.
I'll let you know what I make of the film once I've seen it

Still..love him or loathe him, I would urge people to read a little more about Zimbabwe’s struggles.. after all. What can it hurt?

Happy birthday [click]

Zimbabwe - Written by Bob Marley in honour of Zimbabwe and performed in Zimbabwe on independence day

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