Thursday, 6 February 2014

This post

Would it be fair to say that alot has been said about Miley Cyrus over the past few months or more?.

From discussions regarding her 'inappropriate for children's viewing hyper sexually charged videos' - to the 'Twerking' fiasco.
The 'reincarnation/re-creation/reinvention' of Miley has been a hot topic for many
Miley grew up, and got sexy.
And she's a 'girl'.
Well, this post, isn't about any of that.

But I will say this about Miley.. [today]

She's a pretty good actress and singer, and this is a pretty nice song.[To me]
That's it. That's all.


  1. Not to mention she is kinda cute. :D

  2. I think the part that concerns me is her age. Too much fame at such a young age is very difficult for anyone to deal with, Like Macaulay Culkin, River Phoenix and Justin Bieber it is a heavy burden to carry.

    1. I hear you Birdie - fame can be a heavy burden i'm sure

  3. Cute I'll give her, talented?!? Nah, she's not particularly talented.

    1. Hannah Montana not talented Reggie? :)
      I reckon she could act her arse off the right role now she's older.
      maybe something gritty?
      At least you agreed to cute ;)