Sunday, 9 February 2014

Some may say that makes me shallow..

Out and about today I noticed a few special gift parcels.

Wrapped beautifully in one particular store was.. a teddy bear, some kind of chocolate looking thingy, and perfume.
OOh Yummy
How lurvely
The commercialization of love.. ( or just a reminder to not be so freakin' mean and cold hearted?!)
'Do we need reminders?'
'Some do..have you seen the news lately?'
'But it's really just capitalism..exploitation.. sellers don't give a s**'
'Shut up!'
Yes you've guessed it..
Valentine's day will soon be upon us
Not surprisingly or surprisingly depending on your perception of me, I like things like that. I find it romantic and very sweet.
More so, or especially when, bought and given with genuine affection, and nowt more than to tell a person you love them, and to see them smile. ( not bought under duress, or false pretences!.. no, that aint sexy, or cool, at all)

love it or loathe it.. will you escape it?

Not everyone's romantic, and that's fine.
..and different people express their affection in different ways - and that's okay too
Often in partnerships, one person's romantic and the other isn't. And often the unromantic one 'wins out' ( sometimes souring the relationship for years, until the flames of passion in the other slowly withers to a light flicker before going out completely and turning to grey ash)
Each to his or her own

But.. drumroll please.. I am..
But it really can be a complex thing - desire and love. It peaks, dips, peak, dips, and like sexual arousal , one wrong word or move and the whole thing can come crashing down - maybe not completely, but for that moment in time.. at least.

Being romantic, or enjoying a day like Valentines day doesn't mean you lose sight of what's 'real', and it doesn't have to mean you've sold out
It may mean that you've simply decided to shape your reality the way you'd like it to be
aka - nicer.
Ironically, it seems to be aimed more at single people.. have you noticed?

Anyway - Some may say - 'oh that's so shallow Dawna'
'there she goes feeding in to those female stereotypes...'
'really?!.. and.. am I?!
hey.. naughty me..
what can I say..
I don't know somemaysay anyway ( heard he's quite a boring chap :)

And for the record - I have days when I am so NOT feeling romantic.
..and yes..sometimes it is bullshit. (for show) but it doesn't have to be
trick is to know the difference #justsaying

Wiki - What's the history of this Valentines day thing [click]


Happy Soulmate Sunday all x


  1. I think Valentine's Day can serve as a good reminder to show our love to the ones we care about. It's so easy to take advantage of their love; we all need a reminder sometimes. ☺

  2. I celebrate Valentines Day because, screw it, there's not enough love in the world so I'll take all I can get, even if it's a commercially fostered holiday.

  3. I'm single at the moment with no love in sight, but being the romantic that I am, everyday would be valentines day if I was in love and loved. February 14 would be one of many days, but on that day I would spoil her much more, like on her birthday, and anniversaries.

  4. I forgot to add that I LOVE Toni Braxton and Babyface. I didn't know the cd was released already. I had been waiting for it. I saw a special on them over the weekend, on TVone.