Thursday, 13 February 2014

Wake the town and tell the people..

So growing up, who was pretty much my favourite DJ?

Well U Roy.. of course...


I had a pet dog. In truth he ended up being everyone's dog.
I had badgered my sister and she smuggled in a puppy, which we thought we could hide from my mum and dad until he grew up.
That lasted under an hour
'What's that noise.'
'Is darg you have up in the house?
'Apparently I never took him for walks.. and my brother did
'He's not your dog anymore.. you don't even walk him..'
'shut up!'

Anyway. His name was Prince Jazzbo. My eldest brother named him.. after the Jamaican DJ.
My mum never quite got it and called him Jasper for ever.

He was so playful, undisciplined and spoilt. So cute, but he'd jump on visitors and lick them, run down the road being chased by my brother, and try make friends with everyone.. he fell out the bedroom window once, and broke his paw, used to eat my mums flowers, dig up her radishes and other vegetables, mess on her lawn and every day my mum argued with him and tried to chase him under the kitchen table.

But I can honestly say.. as heartbroken as we were, I think it was my mum who felt it the most when he went.


'I Roy you a boy.. move out di way cause you imitate the great U Roy
..come come trouble Prince Jazzbo..
Prince Jazzbo never trouble you...'

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