Saturday, 1 February 2014

Organic Intellectuals - Here Come the Kings

Antonio Gramsci on the
Organic Intellectual

Organic intellectual was a term first used by Italian philosopher Antonio Gramsci in his Prison Notebooks, written between 1929 and 1935. The organic intellectual is an individual who promotes the best interest of “the people,” a term usually designated for the lower classes, and does not perpetuate the hegemony of the dominating class.

Gramsci’s organic intellectual is one who minimizes speaking to the masses and engages him or herself “in practical life, as constructors, organizers, ‘permanent persuaders’ and not just a simple orators” (Crick 129). The organic intellectual becomes actively involved with the people and does not necessarily try to distinguish him or herself from the masses. Active participation trumps mere oration. Organic intellectuals are born in separate and distinct communities, and help to promote the best interest of their specific social groups (Crick 128). The main goal of the organic intellectual is to pierce the hegemony that benefits the dominant social group and holds down the masses.

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