Wednesday, 12 February 2014

UK Floods floods and more floods

The Flood situation across the UK is really pretty bleak. There were severe weather warnings again today, and for those floods hit areas, there is really no let up.

To experience flooding for one day must be tough..
But to have to endure that situation for days and days.. and for what could be months?.. I can only sympathise. That's awful.

I’ve never given much thought to flood defences before, but the environment agency seem to be blaming government cuts, and the government at one point attempted to blame the environment agency for giving poor advice. I don't know.. all I know is to be surrounded by rising water like that must be quite frightening.

I'm a Londoner, but I don’t think I ( or even us Londoners ) should be too complacent

I think it’s worth paying attention to what’s happening across England, and whether or not dredging the rivers would have prevented much of this as has been stated.

Especially as this little Island is surrounded by water!

Beautiful and scenic parts of the country knee deep in water. Homes destroyed. It’s heart-breaking for those going through it.

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  1. It is so scary - i remember last month at high tide the Thames was bursting even in London and I recall commenting on it - so I dare not think how high it is plus it is a full moon tomorrow i think? My husband is originally from the west country and he said that most people check and see if their house is above sea level for this problem but if there isnt enough housing then people just ignore things like that so it is a bigger issue at play here...I don't know if any specific person can be blamed but I feel so terrible for those affected.

    1. Very big concerns for all in those areas.. and beyond. Insurance must be a nightmare no?

  2. Yes, we were shocked to see the coverage on the news last night here in Canada. Best wishes to all who are affected!

    1. When I saw some images, I was shocked at just how deep it actually was in places