Friday, 11 July 2014


This was an interesting week. Neither good nor bad.. it just was. For some reason I met a few people this week who have experienced great trauma in their life. Sadness. I found it a little bit difficult to deal with, but thier approach to their situations has been to get on with it...to laugh, and to keep going. It's not easy to see or know of someones elses' suffering, and not be affected by it in some way.
I'm learning something.. I'm not even sure I know what it is.. but it's something.

I just sit, listen.
Sometimes I look at people as they're talking to me.. I may imagine them as a child..carefree, with the whole world ahead. I think of the sadness they try and hide.. or sometimes reveal. Each time, I can vaguely see a moment when they think of something or someone that makes them smile. I see it in thier eyes..perhaps a moment.. a memory.
Sometimes they trigger my own memory.. a moment.. perhaps I smile.. perhaps it's a sad memory
then out of the blue.. when I least expect it..they say something that makes me laugh out loud..
We laugh when we should cry.. could cry.. I guess that's why it's funny. It's out of place.

This week I was reminded to make the most of what I have.. appreciate those around me more.. people in my life.. the people I meet even fleetingly who leave me with something to ponder on, perhaps without even knowing
To moan less (I moan alot :))

Last week Duffys name came up in a conversation. this is my favourite Duffy song.
Right now I feel okay
Happy enough
Time to unwind now..


  1. That's interesting that you said sometimes you imagine adults as children. I do that, too. Sweet and innocent - without the problems and vices of adulthood.

  2. It's funny, I spent time doing just the opposite. I'd look at the kiddos in my classroom and imagine them as adults and think of all that was in front of them. You can't protect them from heartache. When you've known pain and sadness, I think your life is richer for it. If you sail along taking everything for granted you may not appreciate the wonder and gift your life is. Adversity gives you strength. I've lost my parents, two of my closest friends, my first husband, and others, and sometimes thinking of them is a sharp knife to my heart. But having had the joy of them in my life along with the pain is better than never have having them at all. I've cried hard and laughed hard. I'll take the laughter! Even if it's "gallows" humor. I'm glad that you had an interesting week, Dawna. I hope next week is even better for you!

    1. It does give strength, character. I admire people who have overcome adversity. I'm sorry for your loss.. it's never easy. Yes, I'll take the laughter too.
      there are times when I wonder of the adult children will become so I get what you mean there..
      Hope your week was a good one - enjoy your weekend Fundy!

  3. I've always loved this song by Duffy. She faded from the scene didn't she?

    Hope you have a good weekend, I'm off to the dentist. Yuck.

    1. Ouch.. hope it goes well!
      Duffy 'retired' very early.. I think to start a family. maybe she will return.
      have a lovely weekend too Joe!

  4. I'm speechless! I play this song at least 5 x a day! for real! This my favorite Duffy song too. I came across the song a year ago and it was love at first listen.

    Like I've said before, you have great taste in music!