Sunday, 6 July 2014

Weekend WOW Factor - sticks and stones bombs funny bones and horny bastards..oh and green eyed monsters and some sweet tunes. Now that's what I call a title!.

How do you deal with a man as sharp as...

Chris Rock - is funny as heck.

Longer version

I didn't get to see the whole show but it tends to repeat many times. I did see this though..
Don't worry about the sound, but when has this become appropriate for children's viewing? Seriously.. Wow.
I wonder if we'll reach a point where artists are just having sex on stage.. it's the next stage up anyway
Big fat zero.

" go ahead boy.. stick it in.. no-one's watching.." (I knew there was something missing from that freeze frame)


What do you say of the problem of Israel and Palestine

What can you really say to these stories now.
This one surprised me in that it made the news. But having checked on youtube, there are many many stories like this..
There's probably an Israeli bias when it comes to news reporting in the west ( dont know why) but to be honest the entire thing is horrendous - ticks me off.

'When 'peaceful people' retaliate' [click]


What can a wife do when her husbands world falls apart
..and what are we really meant to make of Rolf Harris?
Watching him on TV as a child really encouraged me to draw and paint, and though watching him, I developed an appreciation of art.

Russell Brand is right in that there is no joy in seeing an old man being sent to prison, it's pathetic. But as I've been reminded... for the victims, it will perhaps mean a great deal to them.
He looks like a creep in his mug shot.

The sexual abuse of children is an issue in our society. What is it about these men?
Will we ever reach a point in the development of our culture where sex with children becomes an acceptable part of life (again) ?
There are men who are sexually attracted to children.
In some parts of the world and in certain religions the boundaries are very different to ours.

It is abuse - akin to rape - as children cannot offer thier informed consent. It is an abuse of power and so much more. It often destroys the lives of those who were abused as children, impacting on their ability to build and maintain personal relationships, sexual and otherwise. It's not just sexual abuse it's mental abuse also.

Yet.. it lurks.. possibly everywhere. We're now being told of a dossier that has gone missing ' which alleges a child sex scandal in Westminster. no surprise there really.

That arse (Rolf). Possibly the biggest export out of Australia other than the phrase 'g'day'. He has embarrassed his wife for sure. still.. perhaps for him.. having got his rocks off all those years.. its been worth it.

We've had government reports on gun crime, on gangs etc. Time for one on these child sex abusers... along with recommendations.
I know what I see, but full profiles please

Brand.. how I wish we could act on these communal values, and that we could truly believe there exists something greater than ourselves.

How do you solve a problem like Somalia?
..and does the western world even care anymore?

This could never happen here and it not be a major news story [click]

How do you solve a problem like Os-car
Who ever says jealousy is innocent enough, hasn't lived much life yet

Apparently Oscar P was not mentally Ill at the time of the shooting.
No. Perhaps he was just very very angry [click]


How do you show the world that African music is so sweet..
Finally.. on a nicer note Davido won the BET African Act. Well deserved!!

That's it from me folks .. yeah..

In case you're wondering what that implied theme was about..
hee hee.. Good morning all x


  1. When I look at my 15 year old daughter, I can understand why men find her attractive, she's not a child anymore, she's beautiful with a woman's body, I suppose what I don't understand is why there isn't any self control. There should be a switch off button inside your head that says "look but don't touch, this is wrong". Rolf Harris obviously didn't have that. How his wife and daughter stayed loyal to him during the court case I have no idea.

    I don't get any joy from seeing him going to Prison for the rest of his life, but I do think he should. What he did was a crime.

    Just as a side note, my 15 year old daughter would never let some creepy guy touch her up, she's too street wise for that.

    1. I hear you. I see girls under 16 with attractive physiques etc.. but you can tell it's young flesh. It still has a way to go. The thing is when victims are babies, 5 , 6 , 7, what can you say to that. There is something going on in the minds of these men . Its not just sex either.. a man can pay for sex, or pick up a woman in a club. (Adult women) Perhaps were trying to put sexual attraction in some kind of box when in reality in will never sit easy in a box. Men have sex with animals ( and women) so we know.. stuff can get messy there.

      I'm glad your daughter is street wise. Its good to be that way.

      Tell you a story though.. I cant remember how old I was but i was on the train with my class mates. train was crowded and some guy started rubbing up on me,I think it was his knee lol!. I completely froze. I forgot about it pretty much straight away,.. fickle as i was and I've no idea what he looked like. I was very clearly a kid though..
      Weirdly.. I have a thing about trains now

  2. I feel bad ABOUT Rolf Harris because he was a favourite entertainer of mine when I was a kid, but I don't feel bad FOR Rolf Harris, if that makes any sense. I feel bad that my image of him is destroyed forever but prison is where he should be. And I've never been a big fan of Russell Brand but I appreciated his thoughtful commentary on this whole ugly scene though.

    And as for Oscar Pistorius, they can't convict him fast enough, as far as I'm concerned. His "mistake" defence is ridiculous. He "mistakenly" fired his guns several times into the bathroom without intending to kill "the suspected intruder"? Oh please.

    1. I know what you mean about Rolf Debra. messy, sad business. he was up there for me too. He remains that talented creative man.. just found out about his other less admirable side.
      Russell has his moments

      The trial = unpleasant.