Saturday, 5 July 2014

What's on BattaBox? Nigeria Entertainment Channel

I selected a few :)

Some of these answers have surprised me..
I'm beginning to see why some people find single parent women an anomaly. It's taboo - in certain cultures women don't divorce. If I can offer my 2pence worth... Once the respect has gone.. really gone( however that manifests itself) it's over.

There does need to be a level of understanding. ( But you cant assume it will be there between two graduates.. or even non graduates)
But there's this long standing view among many black women especially that men do not like to go with women (black) who are smarter than they are) is it true? ..Seriously?.. I don't know.. I should add.. by that same token there are those who wont date a women they feel is not smart enough!
Ambition is a turn on for me.. too much information? heehee
Ironically Intellectual arrogance is a turn off
Smart - tick - Cute - tick - makes me smile - tick
But seriously.. don't ask me.. I tend to surprise myself

* If someone isn't 'enough'... they're probably just not right for you. (or they could be, but you'll simply never know it)

Noooo!! snake can never be a tasty dish

Love the definition of a real man..
I can imagine a number of tired of working hard on their own women shouting.. ticket to Nigeria please!lol

When the London Overground is running late.. spare a thought..

"UNICEF reports there are over 7 million orphans in Nigeria - 43 million in sub-Saharan Africa - which they describe as an 'emergency situation' ... so BattaBox hits the streets of Lagos to find out if Nigerians would be willing to adopt a child"

Bit sad this one.. some of the attitudes.. what can I say

"Its not as if you're gonna find another species of human being to date.. its still going to be the men .." lol!!
This is funny


  1. Hi Dawna! You come up with such interesting topics. I couldn't watch all of these videos because of time constraints, but what I did see was eye-opening! I don't have much knowledge of Nigeria beyond what I've read, so it was fascinating to watch the people and activities in the background. Their perspectives on marriage, divorce, fidelity, and beatings were quite different. I would walk! But then my living situation is much different from theirs. Why is it that religion promotes women staying in a marriage when they're being beaten, but it's so wrong to get a divorce? I never did get that. I did marry a "non-graduate" the first time around, and my marriage failed, but not because of that. I do think that love doesn't conquer all, but it can conquer a lot. Nigeria has so many problems, but it was somewhat hopeful to see some people going about their ordinary lives, at least in Lagos. I just wondered about all that we weren't seeing. Have a good one!

    1. They are quite interesting aren't they..
      I'm with you on that Fundy, i would walk, have walked. there's no stigma in divorce as far as i'm concerned.
      But yes, i agree, that perhaps that's a luxury ( no luxury really) some women in other parts of the world don't have. Culture, economics.. the list goes on
      You know.. there are times when I think religion has done more harm than good to the lives of women, as it's used to justify too much barbary - too much crap.

      but things will never change unless or until we say .. actually.. no.. i'm not okay with that
      .. and sometimes I feel that citing ..' its in the nature of a man..' is just plum lazy.
      maybe I'm wrong. I don't think I am..but, well.. anything's possible I guess :))
      Enjoy your weekend too Fundy!

  2. Oh, In my previous relationships they were very talented but not very 'book smart'. and in truth, It was an issue. (but not the only issue). I only graduated a couple years ago, so maybe the smart guys thought or assumed me thick as shit lol!.
    I'm kidding.. kinda
    To be honest compatibility is multifaceted. But I understand completely where they're' coming from.
    I believe in love Fundy... and if you meet a lovely person you should go for it, but what constitutes a lovely person differs for us all. There will always be provisos sure..
    Wanna know mine?
    A sure fire commitment to loving me and a burning ambition to please me!! lol!
    .. I don't ask for what i can't deliver on myself
    dont mind me , it's Saturday it's late, and i'm a little sleep deprived!