Saturday, 12 July 2014

Jermain Jackman - winner of the Voice UK - 'Hi bloggers'

When Dawna met Jermain, on a sunny Saturday afternoon

Here I am.. prepping *cough* Jermain
Don't ask me what my camera was doing?!

Take 2

He's very very polite.. and very TALL.

Whats funny is a man sat next to me on a bench and said he thought the 'Jacksons' were coming.. said 'wow.. they're pushing the boat out abit .. flying them over!!

This is my fav perfomance
All the best to him


  1. I love this post, Dawna! At first I thought it was Jermaine Jackson ~ funny how the brain tries to connect with what's already in it. Then I thought, "Wow, he looks really good for his age." I was so seeing Jackson that I though he was a guest on The Voice! Then my brain corrected! LOL

    I'm really glad this Jackman won ~ not that I heard any of the others ~ It's just that he said some important truths about things that need to be improved in our societies. I would often look at the young black boys in my third grade classroom and think how much they had to overcome just because they came from a poor area and how unfair and wrong it was. That's true for any disadvantaged group; but it particularly distressed me with my black boys because I knew the grim statistics. The first funeral of a student of mine was for a black boy, just 18. He died from uncontrolled diabetes, and I was so angry! I had him for second and third grade. For years later he would swing by periodically when I was doing door duty after school just to say "Hi," before he'd pick up his younger siblings.

    I know resilience is an important quality, but the question becomes "How do you foster resilience?" I don't have the answer. This awesome young man obviously comes from a home that emphasized love and character. I hope he remains passionate about politics and has an opportunity to bring about hope and change.

    I loved his two videos for your bloggers ~ and you are so pretty! You look much younger than I thought you would! Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Yes, my bench buddy was expecting a 'Jermain Jackson' too.. funny.
      his granddaughter rolled her eyes and sighed.. 'oh - gran-dad!'

      I think many youngsters are simply dealing with a legacy of discrimination. It is unfair, and some will have to work that little bit harder as a result for sure. I'm very sorry to hear of your student.. that's very sad indeed.
      i'm not sure how you foster resilience.
      but I hope he remains passionate too.!
      Ooh and thanks for the compliment :)
      I had a nice day.. hope you did too!

  2. He's very tall and very polite. love the selfie :)

    1. Ness, tryna get down with the selfie thing and I didn't even know how to work my phone!.. he had to show me lol!
      1st thing I said was , wow you're much taller than I expected.. he said everyone says that..

  3. Great voice! I hope he DOES win The Voice UK! But whether he does or not, I'm sure he will go far because clearly he is self-selected for success, as they say.

    Oh, and you with that camera, you naughty girl you!

    1. That camera!! seriously.. it's that strangest thing :)
      I didn't realize at the time so imagine my surprise..

      Yes, he's doing well.. ..

  4. Dawna, can you please post updates from time to time about how he's doing in the competition? Because we never hear anything about The Voice UK here in Canada, so your blog is my only news source!

    1. I will post updates as it will be interesting to see how he progresses not only in music but in politics

  5. D'oh! I just figured out from your post title that he must have WON already!