Wednesday, 2 July 2014

from Togo; Toofan & Lauress

BET Award nominee

Good morning everyone. Wednesday.. a new day, I'm up x

Toofan is a musical group from Togo founded in 2005 whose instrumental reported a new concept in the music of West Africa
The group is also known for a new concept, "Gweta," appeared in 2013 and whose gestures aims to "dodge jealous."
The group members are Masta Just and Barabas and composed the anthem of the African Cup of Nations football 2012
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Apparently Gweta means 'dodging jealous people'
Toofan introduced and popularized 'Obragada' as a style of music, which means 'I'm fine now.. thank me later..'
It's a mixture of indigenous music, funk rap, reggae, hip hop, rnb and comedy.


Perfect workout tune don't you think :)


  1. love the music. especially the first song

  2. I like it too Alieux - nice vid!