Monday, 21 July 2014

Love letter to you

I've always enjoyed love letters.
These days they tend to take the form of love text's or love emails. I'm not talking about those of the 'wanna hook up' kind.. the show me your d*** or nice t**s type... No... I mean the simple 'thinking of you'.. or more.

I like love letters that are heartfelt.. conversations that are heartfelt.
I tend to be heartfelt on my blog talking to you.. although at times I may sensor
I also tend to be heartfelt when I talk to my sister. who has decided that I wear my heart on my sleeve/s etc.
She may have a point.

Anyway, I've had a few interesting encounters of late. life seemed to go on around me.. even as I stressed and wailed over my dissertation topic. The good news is.. I think I've finally found my groove on it, so will now power on. cry if you must Dawna.. just get it done.

I spent the day with my friend ( aka for the sake of this blog - the Prince) from Sierra Leone at the end of last week. ( do you remember.. we met at the Arsenal parade?) It was nice, and what's nicer is that we seem to get on.
the bonus being that I think he's very cute.

On Saturday I spent the day in the library. As it closed, I decided to walk a different route as I wanted to enjoy the sun. A few yards in, I heard someone call my name. It was a guy I used to see (to say hi) back in the day from Kenya. I was surprised he remembered my name, as I had to double check his. As we talked I remembered how much I used to like him. He was always one of the politest men I'd ever met. As we talked he seem to hold my hand forever.
So there you have it.
Just as I thought my life would be a series of meeting dishonest or unpleasant men, heart break and unsatisfactory relationships..
maybe.. just maybe..
my luck is about to change

Now... R Kelly is my other favourite RnB singer. I know people who stopped listening to his music after his personal scandals etc but i never have. Kelly has a gift.. and its a gift that I appreciate and love.
Hard as it is for me to pick a favourite R Kelly album.. this may actually be it. I guess it depends on your mood, but given the right mood its pretty nice.

If you have time, put it on play later and let it run.. or grab a copy via itunes.. it's perfect for any season really but summer and love songs tend to work quite well.

Now I don't know where any of this is going. ( If anywhere at all)

But perhaps the universe has decided enough is enough. Perhaps there may actually be someone out there for me?
What I know is..I could definitely write a book about heartache.. but in truth I really don't want to..
I want to be happy

and at the very least.. perhaps i've made some nice friends
have a nice day

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