Thursday, 10 July 2014

Fally Ipupa - from the Democratic Republic of the Congo

loving his voice in this one - when the rhythm kicks in it takes me away..nice

cool dance

this man is so sexy I could watch him (and listen to him) for days..

Its not always easy to get a translation
but apparently, this song is about a man who feels that his love is being transformed to something unexpected. The love he had for his lady has turned into something negative and hard to deal with.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a multilingual country where an estimated total of 242 languages are spoken. Ethnologue lists 215 living languages. The official language, inherited from the colonial period, is French. Four indigenous languages have the status of national language: Kikongo, Lingala, Swahili and Tshiluba.
[source Wiki]

Lyrics ( closest I could get)

Azmack, is back!

bolingo ya pasta na biblia,
lelo ekomelinga django na munduki
bolingo ya mupe na chaplet,
lelo ekomi terroriste na ba bombe

ahh kombo mukuse, bolingo…
ba attentats ebele yeahh yeah,
lelo esiblé vie na nga sans pitié

ahh mutu na linga abwakelinga, sauvetage
nzonka atobola yango wow ohh ohh
na égale ya ba ngando na bima ndenge nini

muahh…. bolingo ya pelouse synthetique,
lelo ebongwani terrain ya milangi na mabanga

bolingo ceinture na loketo,
lelo ebongwani nango serpent
eswi nga, venin na yongo mbangu,
le temps ba luka antidote trop tard

kombo mukuse, l’amoul
ba dégats ebele yeah yeah yeah ehh
lelo ekangi nga n’otage, wapi yo

awa yo pesi nga le dos,
yeba soucis aza na nzela
ba pire petits né bas problemes
bango yo esi ba kani nga
souci na pensée, torture avant gout
avant liwa ekomi yanga

ahhh l’amour assassin
ahhh l’amour assassin

nami tuni est ce qu’eza se yo ou bien
ba changer moto nakati ya poso na yo

bolingo ekomi nausé na monoko motema
namiso ya love intello ohh yeahh
naboyaki ko yoka conseille yaba sense na nga
lelo nasuki par terre
affection eyibisaki motena na nga kala te souci ekoyindela nga
nakufi pauvre pona yo
na caisse ya motena zero ata likuta love te
nga na leli jusqu’au point maya miso esingi pardon
e reclamer perfusion awhhhnn
nga nazo kufa ehh

ahhhhhh ahhhhh
azmak abomi ngayeee ehh
ahhhh ahhhhh (a tuer ngayee)
ahhh l’amour assassin
nga nazo kufa ehh
ahhh l’amour assassin

bolingo ekomi moyen oyo ezangaki dans ma vie po ememanga vers liwa
oyo abaninga moyen yako kumba vers ba bonheur, ba sourire, ba plaisir à gogo
ba lié nga mbangu bitabé na avenue yaba makaku nasali ata seconde te
mokili epesinga loboko na banzaki au revoir nzoka ezalaki à dieu
ba effort na sala pon’ azmak
caresse, tendresse na pesa
afuti nga na ba chagrin
azmak azweli nga billet
destination lilita
or nga disciple ya love na ye
aaazzmak ahhh l’amour assassin

azmak a mitié nga na soucis
mboka provision bien beau mais appetit eza emprisonné
azmak abimi ne volontaire yako ponela nga cercueil
ya modele na ye avant ma mort
naaakomi epuisé, expiré, vie na nga ezo soin te
ahhh azmak, ba tindi nga, wapi, na liwa
ahhh l’amour assassin

bolingo eza ebale kitoko pona ko nager
mbe mbonge nango nde scandale

bolingo eza mopepe kitoko pona ko voler mais tempête nanga nde proooobleme

eza monduki ya ba tireur d’elite
soki ebraquer yo mawa ye trop
awa ebraquer nga, haut les mains, huhh, madame ne bougez pas, sort na nga ba fanfards padda paddaa eweelé

ahhh l’amour assassin
azmak abomi nga ehhh
ahhh l’amour assassin

azmak aza sexy ehhh
yaya na amélia na amanda makukula

ohh nga yo yo
na sengi mwa crèche ya love
azmak aboyi, alobi na nga zero
atakutu na leli, na mi bwaki, na mabele
ezo sala, yo rien

mwana maître wijo luabeya
mwana maman odée mabaya (na sengi mwa crèche ya love)
azmak aboyi, alobi na nga zero
atakutu na leli, na mi bwaki, na mabele
ezo sala, yo rien

azmak obomi ngaye ehh (ahhh l’amour assassin)
vie na nga passi yehh, o souffrance
(ahhh l’amour assassin)
nga nazo kufa ehh (ahhh l’amour assassin)
freddy et da silva sekera
blaise bapobola

Now...I'm not sure how correct this is( so forgive me if I'm wrong) .. but its an English translation I found.. ( see how I try and look after you!! :)

love between the pastor and the Bible is turned into django and a revolver
love of a priest and the rosary is transformed into terrorist bombs with
a short name if "love" but fills with attack
today she targeted my life without pity
the person I love sent me a lifeline in a hole filled with alligators river how do I get out
the love of a synthetic turf field is transformed into glasses and stones ....
the love between the waist and the belt is turned into my snake bite venom is very fast, the time that one finds the antidote too late
a short name but love filled damage my hostage
or are you?
now that you've turned your back on me know that grief is running his acolytes problems we already reached my thought tourture taste
ahhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh aaahhh love assassin assassin love

I wonder if it's always you, or if you have replaced
the love turned into nausea in the mouth of my heart, disgusting in the eyes of love
I do not want to hear the advice of my senses and now I find yourself on the ground
my heart was prevented by the condition that I would soon be overwhelmed by the worries
I die poor without a round in the body of my heart,
I 'I cried to the point that my tears have asked forgiveness and claimed infusion
I die
ahhhh ahhhh
my Azmak killed
the murderer love ahhhh
Love became the means he has missed my life to bring me to death
the other a means to achieve happiness, smiles, fun galore
as I was eating a banana in the avenue monkeys
I have not even last one second
the world my outstretched hand I thought it was to then review it was a god has
all the efforts that I have provided for Azmak, caress, tenderness j ' I gave it my paid with sorrow
Azmak took me a ticket the destination while I am the disciple of love falls
ahhhh assassin love

my Azmak mittee countries worries, my appetite ...... imprisoned
Azmak lent himself volunteered to pick me a coffin before my death
I became exhausted, expired, my life ....
love is a good river to swim my waves are its scandals
love is a good wind storms are stolen but his problematic
love is a weapon for sniper elite, but not when it is pointed towards you
now that she pointed to my hands do not shake Madame
my lot fanfare
ahhhh love the assassin
Azmak killed my
ahhhh love assassin
Azmak is sexy
I ask a little love Azmak does not, he answered my zero
even if I tear, I outwitted by land, it makes him no effect

I ask a little love Azmak does not, he answered my zero
even if I tear, I outwitted by land, it makes him no effect
Azmak killed my
life is a pain
killer ahh ahhh love

Great love evokes great passion doesn't it..


  1. You Are Exceptional.
    Thank you for the new (to me) music . . (can you see me dancin' around in my world??)
    love & love,

  2. :)
    I can imagine
    Glad you like
    Fally is new to me too. In fact, I'm searching all the time, it's a crazy passion I have and feel a strong pull to do so.
    tell you what Maggid, .. between me and you.. I think i'm actually a little bit in love with this man! lol.