Sunday, 13 July 2014

Weekend WOW Factor: It's the World Cup Final Day

Germany vs Argentina

Well.. it all ends today

Its been fun

Its been exciting

In more ways than one

..How will I cope not seeing Rio Ferdninand everyday (I definitely warmed to him)

I enjoyed the commentary!

and I'll definitely miss it

Brazil World Cup 2014

Its been great!

I heard a version of this being performed this morning on the Andrew Marr Show, by Jerry Dammers Special AKA ( Founder of the Specials)

It reminded me of when Sundays were traditionally Studio 1 days. Rice and peas and Studio 1. Heaven on earth
I feel a revival coming on

Well...what can I say but 'Good luck to both teams.. may the best of the best win!'


  1. I'm sure the world is in two camps:
    Those who want the World Cup over and done,
    and those who dread the end of the fun!
    Terry and I will be watching.
    I hope both teams play an awesome game,
    so they can hold their heads up without shame.
    Easing into Sunday with the Eternals.
    Have a good one!

    1. I hope so too - I think it'll be a great game - filled with passion!
      I'm easing in to Sunday also, and the sun has decided to shine again today:)
      Hope you and Terry enjoy the match.. have a great day Fundy!

  2. Oh it's over is it? :D I never watch TV at all, so the whole thing just passed me by. :D

  3. Lol!.. that's enough football now for me for the year. Dawna has 'left the stadium'