Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Middle aged white men

I've heard that phrase a few times over the past week.

Mainly in the context of the Conservative Party needing to get rid of them. Apparently David Camerons' cabinet reshuffle is an attempt to come across as a party of the people (all people that is) A party more reflective of the country it serves.

So William Hague is 'out' ( not sure about his politics but I do like him.. oddly perhaps he's my [only] favourite Tory) yet Gove stays?! [click]

Apparently - the phrase 'middle aged white men' has become synonymous with - racist elitist classist fudyyduddy old boys network bumchum club.
It has become synonymous with old Tory - whiteness and sexism - out of touch - and well past sell by date
Is that fair?

You see.. I know a few middle aged white men, who are not like that at all. In fact, they're okay people.

David Cameron apparently wants to bring in more women..dare I say a few black faces, and lords know who else to dress his multicultural - gender equal - conservative window.

No matter how much he dresses that window it will make little difference. There's an old Caribbean saying.. 'Same sweety different wrapper'
You see..members of the Tory party have already bought in to Tory party 'values' They may not look like 'middle aged white men', but they may have an alarming knack of thinking acting and sounding just like them.

I've known people to vote for the Tory party because they felt that doing so would grant them membership to some kind of 'special' club.. they saw it as an expression of social mobility. It's just one of the things that some individuals do, that they feel denotes social mobility. I usually roll my eyes at them.

Call me a cynic but I'm not buying it
reshuffle the deck as much as you like

..it will do little to affect the racism, socially constructed economic disadvantage, and discrimination in our society brought about through the commitment to 'whiteness'
...and I still wont vote for them

However...I did see a really hot guy at one of thier conferences 2 years ago... but.. nope.. still wont
my father would turn in his grave...twice

Gosh I'm grumpy today :)


  1. I've never once voted Tory in my life, and that has nothing to do with colour, age or gender. I just don't like their policies.

  2. I hear you.
    I don't either but its more than that for me.. Their policies are influenced and informed by their beliefs. change the belief and the policies will change also. both Labour and the Tory party have an unpleasant history with regards to Caribbean immigrants. I am the daughter of Caribbean immigrants.

  3. I've been ranting at middle-aged white men in power for years! The GOP seems to be full of them in our country. I'll have to google "bum chum" to know what it means, but in this country I would add misogynist to your list. I'm still aghast but laughing at Romney and his "women in binders" oops on the campaign. I did vote for a GOP coroner a couple of years ago, because he was the best and most experienced candidate ~ but I just can't stomach their policies, even when they are not middle aged white men. Loved the Fally Ipupa video from Saturday. I'm still you-tubing Desert Blues by Felenko Fete thanks to you. Have a good one!

  4. Fundy, I was thinking about the concert in the desert just today funnily enough!!.
    oh our ruling classes - we do need a mix of people as its easy to get stuck in a rut isn't it - narrow in focus. now.. bumchum in this context means like the 'old boys network' - it may mean something else up soho though ( didn't think of that lol)
    I know a few people who just don't even bother to vote anymore. they see it as pointless

    Fally's amazing.. so versatile, gorgeous, and such a great dancer!
    It was hot hot hot in London today and apparently it'll be even hotter tomorrow I may have a light lunch in the park time permitting :)
    Enjoy yours!