Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The mission should you wish to accept it...Making Dawna smile

This is my absolute favourite song at the moment... and he's even got the car of my dreams in the video..[RR] perfect.


  1. Hi Dawna! I'm catching up, and what a treat to find these! I'm going to play these videos while I'm making supper! Thank you!

  2. Hi Fundy!..
    I love these ones
    .. bit of extra 'sauce' for your supper :)
    enjoy !

  3. Mission accepted, accomplished, and enjoyed! Thank you for introducing me to Fally. I went back to you July12 post and listened to the first one again! Now on to Valentine!

    1. Glad you liked Fundy! Valentine has some great lyrics, and I'm sure he shot the video for poor mans love in Stratford.. it reminds me of coming back from Uni in the cold. It's an area I've become so fond of, for many reasons. Not just because of the London Olympics. I'll have to check to confirm if it is. Quite an inspiring guy