Monday, 15 September 2014

Africa Unplugged at the 02 Brixton

It was a great night at the 02.
Diamond is an excellent performer. He. can. dance.. I could watch him all night!. ..and he honestly does have a beautiful voice. Tanzania boys got it going on.
Tiwa, (Nigeria's 'Beyonce') gave a very flamboyant performance and made full use of the stage effects and lighting. I didnt know the 02 could accommodate.. but they did. The dancers deserve an award as they turned up the heat. Her verse in Dorobucci got the biggest applause. the band held that rhythm down TIGHT

Davido is solid as a rock.
He comes across much older than his years and weaves a reggae inspired vibe into his music with ease.
love him love him love him

The only let down for me was the quality of the sound. The PA system/mixing desk/sound engineer, didn't have a great night. For performers of that quality it should have been so much better.
DJ Abass played some hot tunes, and I can't wait to enjoy another night like it

Here 's a showcase in case you're wondering
Enjoy x

My No.1 Davido tune..All of You. Tore the place down

Davido & Diamond



Tiwa in Doro..


  1. cant hear the sound, but from you story sounds like you had a great time. tiwa is gorgeous. have a great day dawna. cheers!!

    1. She is!. Awww I'm sorry you cant hear it.
      Yes , I did indeed. Great night.