Friday, 26 September 2014

The Nigerians are coming

I had intended to take a little break but there's so much going on in my life right now, and I need an outlet.
You'd be surprised how therapeutic writing a blog post can be. Aside from that I wanted to share a few articles with you that I came across on Ebola that i'll share in another post.

So, yes. The time has come...Its been pending for awhile,
I am, this weekend, (after about 10yrs) about to meet my daughter's boyfriends family, which could mean a marriage, sooner rather than later, either that, or they really just wanna check to see if my daughter is a fluke (being beautiful intelligent talented kind and sweet)

I'll cook them a sweet tasty welcome dinner.. and try and make sure the place is as clear and tidy as possible. They will be getting rice n peas, escovitch fish, brown stew chicken, salad, coleslaw, and if I really feel in the mood, some stuffing. I want to show mama Naija that I'm a grown up.. and we Caribbean women aint that different if at all ( and take pride in our cooking). So yes, they'll be getting Caribbean style food.

I'll be meeting mum and dad.
I have absolutely no idea what to say to them. I have no idea what they'll make of me. They're a bit older than me so I don't know if we'll have much in common. If they like food music, African world or current affairs then maybe. I cant gossip with the mum about boyfriends because she already has a husband. ( but maybe I can.. depends). They're just back from Nigeria so I can ask them about their trip back home I guess.

I'm kinda of a traditionalist but I haven't lived a 'traditional' life. I'm kinda scatty at times, bit young for my age, bit of a mixed bag
The Nigerians are coming.. and as you can tell I'm nervous.

I will say this. My daughters boyfriend is one of the nicest guys I know. I couldn't have wished for a better partner for my daughter, they are actually like 1 person. He's a very talented producer /composer, and they are the closest to 'soulmates' that I have ever seen in my entire lifetime. (I kid you not)

My daughter and I are born on the same day, Sept 30. .. I wouldn't say she's a fluke at all, but I would say that she is absolutely a better version of me.
I'm making an effort because I want to, I'm curious about them too, and I want my daughter to be happy.

I really do need to get away soon though, ( abroad) need to recharge the soul


  1. Have lots of delicious food ready and a bottle of wine! It is much easier to get to know one another over a delicious meal.

    1. Will do!. ..and you're right.. food does tend to bring people together!

  2. You've got lots in common -- two great kids who love each other! They're probably nervous about meeting you too. It's kinda like a "first date" for the parents, isn't it, LOL?

    1. That's true. We've got the best thing in common :). It is like a first date for parents lol!

  3. Have an awesome time, DL! I'm sure that you will make mum and dad feel welcome and deliciously full.
    I can't wait to read your ebola post. I take involuntary breaks from blogging (You've probably noticed I'm inconsistent in posting and visiting blogs). Life just keeps getting in the way. Lucky you to have a lovely daughter! I couldn't have children, but I do have lovely nieces and nephews whom I treasure. Relax! Have fun!

  4. I will enjoy it Fundy. My Ebola post is an article I read that just resonated with me. I hope you find it interesting too. Yes I thought life must be keeping you busy.. i'll check out your latest post though. Nieces and nephews are adorable!.. lovely to be an Auntie. Auntie's are great!

  5. I bet it will go really well, but yeah give them some wine that always helps to relax people, if they drink of course. Just keep asking questions and talk about them, everyone loves to talk about themselves! :D

    1. Hope so Joe!. I will sort the cooking prep later.. got some drinks/wine.. a nice selection of tunes should help get us all mellow too heehee!. I'm looking forward to it more now