Sunday, 14 September 2014

When I'm wrong .. I'm wrong

My sister has really grown. I asked her how her impartial advice was coming along.( as it wasn't great before) Better she said.
I thought I'd seek a sensible persons opinion
.. she gave me some really good impartial advice. Explained that I need to take control of my behaviour or at least recognise when it's unbalanced or irrational and sort it out. ( I kinda knew but needed.. confirmation?) She told me not to look at the behaviour of another whilst neglecting my own.
She told me off.. but in a good way.

I've made a few silly mistakes lately.. nothing major.. just silly. See?, even when sick I can mess up.. Yes..It's a talent ( perhaps one not recognized on this planet:)

I need to round up my forgiveness points.. hopefully I've collected a few along the way
Get back to being 'Dawna' again.. 'normal Dawna'

When I'm wrong.. I'll admit. Then always try to fix it
I'm not perfect ( well...not totally anyway :)
Please know I am joking

On another note.. I'm so hungry yet have no appetite.. #flubegone


  1. You would be an exceptional human if you only looked at your own behaviour and not other people's. It is so much easier to look at how other people should act.

    It is so early for flu season! I hope it passes quickly for you. I guess it is time for my flu shot. meh

    1. True.. well .. a better person anyway. I'm gonna try do that.. see how I get on
      I think I caught mine out of season as it's early for me too. i've never had a flu jab

    2. .. one of my few pleasure in life is telling people when they're full of shit! .. so I may not give it up totally. I'l just try be more thoughtful about it.. :)
      Caring.. nicer..

  2. a woman after my own heart. i like being direct, but not many people can take the utter true spashed in their face. when im wrong, i admit it. one of many true signs of maturity. super post. cheers!!

    1. Glad you can relate to that bobby .. hope you've had a nice day :)

  3. We all screw up and do stupid things, but it takes guts to accept it and learn from our mistakes. Sounds like your sister had some good advice. ;)