Thursday, 4 September 2014

Demor "Under Pressure / Emampondweni" +Black Coffee ft Bucie 'Superman'

I'm actually feeling quite tired today, like I've hit 'the wall' but gotta push through.
I guess I'm just readjusting. My inner time zones are a little messed up. My mission ( and I wish to accept it) is to get the energy flowing once more. But you know sometimes you gotta be calm. Alot has gone on, so it's time to take stock of it all :)

A very sweet track

'You know, we don't have to be dramatic..just romantic..
do all the little things,
that excite, me,
as your woman..'


Happy Thursday to you x

Video Version


  1. I'm really tired too. First day back on the school run. Yuck, no more lie ins for me!

  2. Wishing you several deep night's sleep in a row. Sometimes we can get excellent sleep and can still be tired. In that case, I hope you find a way to recharge

    1. Thanks Birdie - yes a few nights like that will suit me. i'm opting for some nice and nutritious dinners, some early nights, and something inspiring to listen to before bed. Oh and lists, i like writing things to do lists, as it gets 'stuff' off my head. See if that helps to recharge me :)