Friday, 19 September 2014

United Kingdom - ft Yemi Alade

Gotta feel it for Alex Hammond
I've often found that people don't like change. It's a difficult process, and in the main people like to stick to what they know, or what's safe.

Friday people... yay!.. and what a week its been. Wow.

this has grown on me big time.. and the video's so funny :)
Fancy a dance?

Hmmm, so I'm invited to see the Prince's people later. Hmm,,see wha gwarn over there... hey..maybe I'll even try look nice. I'll be a nice Caribbean girl... opps I almost forgot. a British African Caribbean girl :)
Scotland may have decided No to Independence. but they certainly reminded us that they're there.
I'll be honest.. meant little to me, but people tell me Scotland is a lovely place

Have a great day all x


  1. Oooh, got me dancin'
    I also hear Scotland is beautiful -
    we stopped choir rehearsal last night early - the director wanted to check on the Scottish elections . . . (interesting . . . we seem so far away - )

    1. Nice fun beat to dance to:)
      All over the news .. even now. Many Scots v dissapointed

  2. My Scottish heart was longing for Scottish independence. My list of ancestors reads like a roll call of the clans. But being Canadian by birth, I really didn't want to see the UK break up any more than I would want to see Quebec leave Canada. I think they made the right choice. Fun video! Have a happy Friday night and weekend!

    1. If I was Scottish i would have voted yes.
      Funny thing Is I think the English rarely think about the Scots. Just as those of us who live in the South of the country rarely think about the North.. other than... it's cold up there. ( that's not really unity is it?)