Sunday, 28 September 2014

Why I struggle to tell people my dreams.. and being Libran

This weekend I was asked by two separate people, 'What do I like doing?', and 'what are my life goals?'. Each time, I felt slightly uncomfortable with the question. So I didn't answer.
It was as if I were standing naked in the middle of the road
Oddly enough, if I were asked that a few months back, I would have had little trouble outlining it all. But for some reason.. I didn't want to. I feel a little differently about sharing my dreams now.

I love to write, but I'm a little tired of talking (If that makes sense)
I want to get on and do the things that mean the world to me... I guess It's my hope that my life reflects my passions anyway.. besides, I'm under no illusions that what matters to me, will matter to someone else.
That's version 1.

Version 2 is....

Perhaps I'm no longer sure.
Perhaps my focus has shifted. Even if a little. A shift is still a shift. Perhaps I will find clarity in the silence.

Version 3 is... If I state my dreams too loudly.. I will berate myself If I'm not living the life I dream of. I will feel like a fraud... everyday.

Version 4 is.. Maybe 'dream crushers' scare me. They often possess a powerful aura (aka negative energy) that if one isn't careful.. can suck the crucial flow of energy from your dream.. to dust.

Maybe my answer should have been.. 'to create.. I'm a creator... my goal in life is to express my creativity.. and love'. It's broad enough to mean anything.. and gives little away that I hold dear.
..and that's Version 5


I do believe we can be affected by universal planetary shifts. How could we not.. It's energy.. and we're energy.

Anyway... I'm no expert on the matter.. it's just a personal thought.

I recently had a conversation about the 13th astrological sign. Allegedly, if this sign was still observed I would be a Virgo woman and not a Libra woman. [click]

Characteristics of a Virgo Woman1 [click]

Characteristics of a Virgo Woman2 [click]

Characteristics of a Libra Woman1 [click]

Characteristics of a Libra Woman2 [click]

Okay...it's pretty close.. but I think Libra has the edge.. I think.. no .. I know

There you go...seeing and weighing up both options.. now that's a Libra thing
and that's me.. being Libran


  1. This post! It has made me realize that I don't really have any life goals right now. Just getting through each day is a goal. That is sad.

    I will have to think about this.

    I am a Pisces through to the core. In fact, I am a double Pisces which really packs a punch.

  2. If getting thorough each day is a goal.. it's a goal, and one which makes perfect sense Birdie.
    I think life goals are important.. sometimes they are buried deep for whatever reason.. burning away on the inside.
    Which can be painful,, sometimes I wonder if ( unattended to ) they show up as illness ( worst case scenario)
    it's always worth giving time to what fires our passions
    Sometimes we know straight away.. other times it takes time.. sometimes our experiences change or shape us and our goals also