Sunday, 28 September 2014

Liberia's West Point - Soldiers clash with residents

..as mentioned in one of the articles posted
disclaimer - many may find it upsetting

Here is a new York Times article describing what happened [click]


  1. Every day I ask myself, "Why is it that I get to live in peace and security when so many suffer so terribly?" This video was gut-wrenching, but thank you for sharing it, Dawna.

  2. It is.. sorry Fundy. I read about it, but when you see the footage you can really feel the tension. Its real. . I have a strong attachment to these countries in particular Salone & Liberia) although ive not yet visited, and when i see this i think.. it could so easily be me. Keeps us grounded I guess Fundy.
    This is is not the way to tackle Ebola.. or deal with fearful residents.
    But the soldiers seem just as afraid!. yes I too am grateful for our 'security'.. but we're all connected. It doesnt have to be that way for them.