Saturday, 20 September 2014

Saturday vibes with May D - Ibadi & Naughty Davido ft Dj Arafat

Hot Saturday morning beats

East London Yesterday. Floods all over the place! traffic was back to back.
My Baby-face friend's house flooded badly, and all electrics out. Will check in with him later

Good morning to a thundery Saturday.. No major plans on the agenda for me, other than catch up with some paperwork, and housework 1st, then review the situation. My nephew is off to University today which will be emotional for the family. (and for him)
Growing up huh. I guess we all do it if we're lucky
Whats odd is I still feel the same way i've felt for years. But yet I've watched an entire generation grow up.. right before my eyes.
I 'grew up' early. perhaps I'm doing things in reverse.
..and why not
Enjoy life
Happy Saturday allx

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