Sunday, 7 September 2014

Sex and War

I woke up this morning to watch the news and was bombarded with images and updates on the wars taking place around the world ( I'm losing track) and so... my mind turned to sex.
Any psychologists out there?.. that's for you.

One thing that upsets me is rape.
There is a current story of a gang rape in Afghanistan. Oy yo yo.
Whenever I hear stories of brutal gang rapes which are being inflicted on women especially in countries that observe often strict religious practices, it often leaves me flummoxed.
If a women who is dressed modestly, covered from head to toe is still not safe from sexual violence.. then who , or what is?.

War rape annoys me also, but I am developing an understanding of how and why it occurs.
But my personal view is that it is horrendous, and an ungodly act.
Some women suffer almost beyond belief


  1. You know what I hate? Hate... it is not a strong enough word. I hate that women cannot go about their lives anywhere on this planet and not have the threat of rape. Whether it is a woman in Afghanistan or a woman in a developed country going for a walk in a part, women always have to play it safe. No matter if she is wearing a burka or a bikini, "she is asking for it". No matter is she is one or a hundred and one, she has no say.
    My body is mine and yet, really, I have little say on what happens to it. If some fuck wants to rape me there is not a whole lot I can do about it. (Carrying a gun is not an option for me. I am a Quaker and abhor violence.)

    1. I agree with you. To me , it also sends the message that a woman's faith is of no consequence either. Whatever a woman's religious belief, when it comes to her body, and sex. It seems that some men will do as they please. I don't like the way in which a woman's body is controlled. and no.. it doesn't matter what a woman is wearing. What is all that really about I wonder. Someone needs to press the reset button perhaps.

  2. Rape has nothing to do with sexual desire. It is a crime of violence in which the weapon used is the penis. That's why it doesn't matter what a woman wears or doesn't wear or how modestly covered up she is. And that's why it is a weapon used in war to intimidate and subjugate. There's a movement to have the UN classify systematic wartime rape as a war crime and I support that.

    1. True Debra!
      I would love to do more...at least something.