Sunday, 7 September 2014

Has Sex replaced God aka Love

I dont usually earsdrop. Honestly, I don't'. I usually have a way of 'zoning out'.
But last night it was a little hard not to as this small group of very English sounding students were not quiet. In fact, they were talking VERY loudly indeed, about which University they should go to, and what the students in each are like. According to them, the students at SOAS are much nicer than at Kingston...and the students at Oxford mess around way too much. On the plus side it was said, only 25% at Oxford are reported to be heterosexual. which meant according to one that the majority , if not gay.. are open to anything.
'Which is GREAT!' he said.

Is it?.. I wondered.

It is true that the 'norms' around sex, sexuality and sexual conduct.. have changed significantly.. correct me if i'm wrong.. but I do think the current trend to be as sexually outrageous as one can be.. once explored enough times, may actually become quite boring indeed.

I say trend because like alcohol, if your not seen to be drinking it ( no pun intended) one may be viewed as boring, repressed, or simply not fun.

In my experience , there are many who use sex to mask pain. Not all ( of course not all) but for those who do, it can be a temporary fix, as what is really sort, is often a connection much deeper than just sex.
Sorry to be 'wet' about it ( again no pun intended..) but what is truly sort is.. Love
Yeah... I said it.

The young man at the bus stop sounded as though he had been programmed to say what he said.
(..and if you observe the way in which current media social networks etc..operate, you may deduce it as a form of programming.)

Anyway, From an outsiders perspective it didn't seem authentic. But I could be wrong.

What is somewhat bothersome with a small 'b' is that heterosexuality' is almost ( among some) being frowned upon as though it's somehow 'unnatural'.
But tell me this....

Why is being open to anything okay..?
Is it okay to be open to experimenting with any drugs'.. violence.. crime?..
and.. where( if anywhere) do we draw the line.

I don't want to bring Rolf Harris ( and others of his ilk) into this but was he not open too?

Being sexually out there is not new. Group sex orgies and 'bisexuality' have been taking places for centuries.. and so much more.. (I'm told) What is new however.. Is the way sex is being re-packaged and re-sold to us.. as the new BIG thing
Is it?.. I wonder..


  1. It's a new world, Dawna. They don't have the sexual hangups we all did when we were young. And that's a good thing, I think. So long as everyone's adult and everyone consents, go to it, I say. However, the real issue today is the sidelining of consent -- it leads to "rape culture" which is far too prevalent among young people today.

    1. I hear you Debra.
      I'm trying to think back to when I was growing up, and I don't remember having sexual hang ups. Not until much later did I hear of this or that taboo, or restriction or whatever, but I've never really got too involved.
      Know what i like , and what I don't like
      What I didn't feel which I sometimes feel young people feel today is pressure. pressure to be something, pressure to be different. I think people should be free to express and find themselves without it, without being dictated to.
      Rape culture is an issue I think, but i also wonder if that has anything to do with the promotion of gang bangs/group sex etc.
      To every action and all that..