Saturday, 6 September 2014

Attitude Tests

On the news today it was stated that job seekers in selected ( Pilot) boroughs will be asked to undergo 'attitude tests'
Advisors will be required to ask claimants how they feel about finding work, perhaps encourage them to tackle any negative beliefs that may be holding them back from progressing, ask about thier backgrounds a little , how much or how little support they have at home etc etc.
It sounds like Advisors are being asked to be Advisors... and not_____________ ( fill in the blank, keeping it clean) :)

I think the tests imply that people who are unemployed are unemployed because they simply have the wrong attitude.
This may be true of a minority.. but certainly and by far..not all.. my concern is that ' we' have a history and culture of stigmatizing the poorest among us.. and the job less among us.. and mud sticks.
A cynic (or the 'unemployed) may suggest those tests may be most effective if given to the powers that be..

I cant understand our government at the moment.
I'm old enough to remember a better time

Speaking of attitudes.. isn't it funny how changeable they can be?.
One day you can be up , and another down. ( but that's more about feelings and emotions rather than attitude really isnt it..) I think we
all have 'triggers', but in the main, we get along better when we have an attitude of acceptance, hope, love, and a desire to understand each other.

I think that attitudes can be learned.. at micro and macro level. By that I mean on an individual or personal level, right through to the Global.
e.g the 'West' has an 'attitude'.
Can you guess what it is yet..


One of my brothers called me recently and begun the conversation with.. who died, who was sick, and who had be sent to jail.
I couldn't believe it. it was like a punch to my Gut. I'm serious.. I felt weak. :)

Don't get me wrong. I can complain about stuff at times ( you know that) ... but this was different.

He said he hadn't been feeling well, and I remember thinking that what he was saying couldn't be helping.
Told him not to say certain things
he didn't agree
I find that It's often the elders that talk about sickness death alot when they get together, and my brother is not old enough for that.


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