Wednesday, 18 June 2014

A little KCEE

This song reminds me of 'Brown girl in the ring' by Boney M


Weird vid

It's only Wednesday but I'm crazy tierd..

I've loved this one by KCEE (below) awhile so I'll treat myself.. ( and it) to an airing, as It's very relaxing
Maybe Nigeria should play this before they play thier next match..
I hyped up the Nigeria game so much in my house before hand...said "Come Ti.. come watch.." blah blah. Watched as the guys prayed.. then when the anthem came on I said, "Is that their anthem?!" ( I could have sworn I'd heard that tune somewhere else before)
"Err yes mum, it's not gonna be Wizkid you know.. what did you expect...some kinda Afrobeats?!.."
"Err I know Wizkid's not the national anthem.. hello.. what kinda dingbat do you take me for ?!"

Seriously, You don't get top class World Cup commentary like that on the box..

Gonna try catch a few games tonight

Anyway.. on with the show..
'Softly softly baby'

Well...the country may seem to be falling apart along with the rest of the world, but hey.. maybe music will save us all from ourselves..right

My prediction? Germany will win the World Cup

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