Friday, 13 June 2014

Out of nowhere

So.. I was walking home when this Ethiopian guy sprang to mind.
We spoke briefly on the phone the day before:)

Anyway, I got to the bottom of the road turned the corner and there he was!
What a nice surprise..
We ended up going for a walk, chatting and chilling in the park for awhile.
In fact, it wasn't until I noticed that he begun to consistently rub his eyes as they became redder and redder that I asked him if he had 'Hay Fever'

"Yes".. he said .. "I think so!!"
He didn't complain once


It was nice
It's easy being around him..feels good, as if we've known each other for years.
His mind is sharp, his wit quick, he's cheeky, funny , flirtatious, and not shy at all.

I have absolutely no idea what's going on, but.. I'm quite glad I turned around on Monday.

His accent is just so cute to me ..and I liked his smile even more the second time around

I too smiled.. alot

I asked him to say something to me in Amharic

"Samyigne.." he said with that smile of his
"What's that?" I said

I should have known.. :-)

Have you ever noticed that sometimes, things seem to come out of nowhere?

East Africa..hmmmm.


Anyway, after a long and busy week, I can honestly say that I'm actually really tired now, so as beautiful an evening as it is, under this cool breeze..I'm gonna get an early night.
Be still awhile.
Enjoy your evening all - night night x


  1. Well he sounds perfect. I assume you've checked he hasn't got a wife! :D

  2. Joe! believe me I wondered.. and wonder still!!
    During the 1st convo I asked him.
    He said no.. but I will find out for sure :)

    Oh the tricky world of dating huh lol

  3. Yeah, just be very careful. :)

    1. Definitely Joe
      May just put it on pause anyway.. clear the mind a bit :)