Friday, 20 June 2014

Just some random Friday thoughts; ft music from Luciano

It's Friday, it's been a long week, and I now have a few days to get on with my own work.
A 'balance' that really needed a shift. for sure.

I woke up early, feeling that yes, I do need to rest and recharge.

England lived up to my 2 game prediction, and the Ivory Coast looked a little lost last night. well.. both teams lost anyway
The English reserve doesn't work in every context. Especially not on the football pitch.
Sometimes.. you really just need passion.

They had chances to score, but those split second hesitations..
I don't know of a team , as frustrating as the England team

anyway.. today.. will be a football watch free day
Put away the mathematics..those boys are coming home..


I've only ever seen clips, but I don't 'get' the hype accompanying (the film) Frozen, why the song won an Oscar, or why it was granted an entire News feature in the a.m, other than to show us the fine art of Disney brainwashing.
A woman had her daughter sat in front of what looked like a 40" television as close as my lap top is to me now ( which is too close) and no-one thought to mention .. 'Hmm.. that's a bit close darling..'

I remember the days of hearing someone shout .. 'sit back too you're too close..'
Those days are gone.

I had a conversation a few weeks ago and every so often I wonder about it.

A lady went to a children's party.
The majority of parents in attendance were those who would possible define themselves (or who may, from the outside looking in, be termed..) middle class. Anyway, as the mums chatted away in thier groups over coffee, a child took all her clothes off and began wandering around. The child was about 3yrs old perhaps a little more. The person I spoke to said she felt very uncomfortable as the child did what children do and played with abandon. However, the lady was uncomfortable as it was a little girl child and there were many adults ( not all knew each other ) around.
No one said or did anything.

She said she was surprised as they were 'middle class parents' so she expected them to be more 'aware' .

We agreed it was a difficult one to address, but perhaps she could have called the parent aside and said something like '' ooh.. maybe you should put some pants on her.. you have to be careful nowadays!..

The lady that I spoke to said that she left the party early.

I can't help but wonder though..if those were a group of seemingly working class mothers.. would that have be frowned upon and dubbed irresponsible and reckless parenting...?

In truth I don't know, I really don't.
In other societies (and maybe other cultures) Perhaps it wouldn't even be an issue, but in this society.. It is.( Or at least it has become so)



Religion, and our current (obsession with) religious conflict, masks the root causes of war to the point that I believe it has now become possible to fight .. kill innocent people, and forget why you're fighting.

It's like us ( me and you) right now...having an argument about who ate the last piece of bread.. then shifting to butter,, then to the butter knife, then to toast, the grill, then to wheat allergies.. then to pesticides.. then to organic food.. then the price of organic food, then farming, then famer's subsidies, then trade, then markets..then someone wearing yellow shoes in a market place, then shoes in general, feet.. on and on

When perhaps the answer was.. we need more bread.. please pick some up when you go shops.
But it's easily done. especially if you ate the last piece, and if you don't want to go to the shops.


Do we really give up as we get older?
It has been suggested to me that 'we' do
If so why?

I think when (or if) 'you' give up.. 'you' die a little more inside
I think that If we resign ourselves to a state that goes against our truth nature .. it's an uncomfortable and uneasy position to be in
If one doesn't believe something can get better - then surely it wont.. right?!

Nothing stays the same.. things are ever changing..
I'll tell you a secret...I don't know what it's like not to believe in ( or care deeply about) ..something
There are pros and cons to that..
But I would argue that everyone believes in something.. even if it's buried deep inside...
Subdued and silenced by the owners fear/s



  1. Thanks for the sounds.
    ..don't know that I would have said anything to the mom of the child running around without clothes. Some people are easily offended when you say anything related to how they parent.

    1. True Angela.. ( as i'm sure I am ) so i'm not sure if I would have either.. but I would have removed myself from the area I think. She was sitting with her legs akimbo.. so the lady felt uncomfortable.
      But that nervousness around parents isn't always good, for if we hear or see a child being beaten badly or suspect it.. we often wonder ..( after the fact) did nobody see?.
      I think the lady was more concerned for the little girl,. (being around strange people an all) and didn't say anything to the mother because as you say, she didn't want to offend. Or perhaps she thought it was some kinda special new skl parenting technique :)
      I was gonna say there's no handbook for parenting.. but there are.. loads of em :)

      have a lovely day Angela