Saturday, 7 June 2014

It's a Media Circus - Weekend WOW Factor

Wet your appetite...with..

The Seven 'Digital Deadly Sins [click here for interactive page]


Rollup rollup...

Cage 1

Ukraine has a new president
How sweet :)

I only know what I've heard.. that he's a billionaire

Petro Poroshenko [click]

Cage 2

Is one American solider equal to 5 Taliban commandos?
I've heard various comments about the story of Bowe Bergdahl

Yes, his father may look like some cool anti government tali-brand of the American variety. But then I wondered...Is he Jewish? I don't know, but, his speech... was interesting.

What was also interesting was why he thought his English speaking son may not be able to speak English anymore. He was away for 5yrs.. not 25.
Unless English was not his first language,( lord knows I struggle with it at times) , but I don't think that was the case

I wonder....
Was he the only captured American?
How, when and where did the swap talks take place..?
Why now?
and .. was he a deserter?.
Some think he was, and a home coming celebration was cancelled due to the anger of some, ( as it's alleged that American soliders died looking for a man that walked out of his base, unarmed in search of the Taliban) [click]

At least 1 person knows the real story..
one of which is Bowe.


Cage 3

..has got to be ..

Big Brother UK 2014.

A very clever format whoever 1st came up with the idea, that's for sure.
Big Brother was 1st aired in the UK in the year 2000, and has been popular viewing ever since.
Big Brother is an interesting study of human behaviour, or a human experiment if you wish to call it that
( the best study of human behaviour perhaps after 'life itself')

You can study the show, or better yet.. those who admit to watching it.. and those who passionately never will
But more so, I think Big brother is an interesting insight into British culture, a culture that some may not wish to see, or acknowledge, but one which exists nonetheless.
In many ways.. it's a slice of white British popular culture.

Or... perhaps the culture of 2,069, 809 Sun newspaper readers/and/or buyers at the very least

It can be funny to watch.

At one stage Big Brother was a little like watching those old Tarzan films.. when you knew the black one would be killed off first
Blink.. and they're out. Either that, or they would be accused of behaving badly - bitching, scaring or bullying, or just simply being too black, or ... not black enough.

Big brother is the 'Eton Mess' of TV

But it has begun to lose it's way, under a mess of big tits, wanna be 'Katie Price's', and just not enough original folk.
I saw the first episode by accident.

Two of the women had on pretty much the same dress ( the shame of it..) there was a 'handsome gay guy', a few 'up-tight-ers', and god knows who else. The audience were on top form. They booed a tall successful, driven, and goal oriented millionaire, and cheered heartily', an Essex boy who called women birds, and whose 'funny tale' was throwing up all over a girl after kissing her.
Did he throw up in her mouth?

Wha- hey

The only non white woman was a black lady ( and dancer/or former dancer) called Pauline who's 49 and who, on immediately entering the house, took up the role of house mammy.
.. and in doing so.. was immediately rewarded and promoted for it
you really couldn't make it up.


You don't need to do that Pauline.

Nice arse though. and.. she seems like a really nice lady

Big Brother - A decade of history [click]


Cage Open!

First it was thier integrity...and now Lib Dems lose deposit

The sign said - DON'T FEED THE ANIMALS.. :)

Gosh I Love the Lib-Dems..

..till next time

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