Sunday, 1 June 2014

Weekend WOW factor; So... If they're not trying to F*** us, they want to kill us.. It's a crazy one this week.

[Typed into Google] - Man kills wife after she returns to ex husband - returns about 36,500,000 responses, in 0.44 seconds

With some very bizarre cases..

E.g - Man beats wife for serving him lentils.. [click]


In Pakistan last week a woman was apparently stoned to death by members of her own family ( her father included ) for marrying a man they did not approve of. Oh... did I forget to mention... this took place in front of the 'High Court' [click]


[Typed into Google] - Woman sentenced to death returns approximately 59,000,000 responses, in 0.30 seconds.
Top of that list, was the recent case of the Sudanese woman Meriam Ibrahim who, it's now reported, is to be freed from her shackles and pending death after international [aka western] intervention.

Good news.

Meriam was charged with apostacy ( from the Islamic religion to Christian) Meriam stated that she had been raised a Christian. after her Islamic father had left them.
She fell in love with, and married Daniel ( a Christian) a marriage which was later annulled [by the authorities] so she was also sentenced to lashes for adultery [click] although I'm sure you know the case by now.


I met a woman ( UK born Indian) whose marriage had fallen apart because she had given birth to a girl and not a boy as the family had hoped.
She is in her late twenties. Fortunately her parents welcomed her back home from her 'in-laws'. But not before she had been hospitalized with depression.

Her daughter is beautiful.. and she is medication (and husband) free thankfully.

Question - Does anybody remember biology classes at school?.
Men (and women ) need to ask themselves.. ( as simple as it sounds )

'Where do men come from'?
You simply can't have a man, without a woman.

It's absolutely crazy.

Domestic or state - these attacks on women are horrendous.
But lets be honest.
They occur right here in the UK, and America also.

The reporting of these horrendous cases and their association to Islam, or non western (aka non-white) countries is very effective propaganda, in part, because...they are rooted in truth. That they play to the image of non western barbarism is something we still need to be wary of.
Subliminal messages can be very powerful.
It's an oldie, but goody.
Non western emotionality vs western rationality.
What can I say but...


Most of you know by now that I'm quite passionate about the causes of wars (across African states in particular) and especially the plight of women in the Congo conflict zones.
Rape, as a 'weapon of war' captured my attention a few years back, and ( although I haven't yet done any work on that) I came across a statement somewhere which made me wonder...

The statement was ..' What the right hand possesses'

Apparently, whatever or who-ever you capture in war.. is 'yours' ( a man's) to do as you he sees fit.
Rape - in war - is not recognized..
If .. what the right hand possesses, is implemented, and the solider's are Muslim, then it's not rape - to them. A woman is a 'spoil of war'. [click]

If that be the case, then that.. is an issue.
We may need an amendment to the rules of engagement. A commitment to Universal rules of engagement
Better yet.. stop fighting.
Easier said than done.. I know.


From war to comedy :)

Last week was further evidence that you really couldn't have chosen a better colour for the 'Lib Dems'.

( I still adore him but.. ) My Vinceometre went down a notch.

Vince knows that he cannot be seen to be disloyal to his leader...that it could be political suicide for him, if his yellow colleagues do not follow through.

Vince should also know that should be fail to show strength at this crucial time, his own credibiltiy raiting may slip as well.

His back peddling last week was unfortunate. Necessary I guess, very British I guess, but unfortunate.

Well done Nick.


Apparently white racism is on the rise. [click]
although news reports last week failed to state who was polled.
British Social Attitudes Survey


[Typed in to Google] - Number of men attending lap dancing clubs returns approximately 131,000,000 in 0.35 seconds.


Until next time..

ps.. thank you all for your thoughtful comments this week..x
..Have a great dayx


  1. It always seems to me the answers are easy and obvious . . . But, for some unfathomable reason, i am wrong . . sigh . . in that case, You are a Light in the Dark . . you speak Truth to Power . . eventually, these things MUST change . . eventually we must learn to cherish LIFE - Cherish each other . . . I hope this "eventuality" happens soon . . double sigh , ,

    1. Things must change I agree with you Maggid.. and like you, I'm still hopeful, some may say naive, but they don't interest me so much :)

  2. Why can't people just respect life? It's so simple!

  3. Yes, the worldwide war on women really saddens and angers me. The women in my life (mom, sister, nieces, Goddaughter, aunts, grandmothers, future wife, future daughters,etc) are queens to me, and I am so protective of them. I dare any male tomistreat them and I find out about it.

    1. Vagina haters. That's perhaps a fitting moniker. Vagina haters who tend to also be 'oddly?' ...somewhat homophobic.
      There's a joke in there somewhere Alieux.. but i'll never tell it :)