Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Music and War

I've been toying with a music and war thing I have in mind, and as if by chance came across this Aljazeera documentary. (see below)

Some of you may not be able to view it (USA) but perhaps you can watch it on Youtube. (time permitting)

It's amazing the way music has, and is used in war, and also as a means of torture.
(I don't condone the use of torture at all.. do any of you?)

Interesting interview with the band Drowning pool ( never heard of them before) and 'Bodies', ( a song popular with US military apparently ) is (imo) a very odd song. Where did that song come from.
Just yesterday I met a musician and we spoke about music, where it comes from, how and why it holds the power it holds, the various genres and thier unique messages and associations, music and politics, music and war,, music and love. Music chronicling histories, music of resistance.

We spoke about music and the civil rights era, artists like Ray, like Stevie.
What began as a conversation about the world cup unearthed something quite different.

you can watch it here [ click ]

It's no coincidence that I came across this documentary


Also that day, I bumped in Keith D. The lead singer of the band Black Slate. It took him awhile to remember me, but he did. (I used to see him around in my much younger days).

As he walked around unrecognized. I kinda wanted to remind him of who he was.. before life took over. That he hadn't been forgotten.
"Aren't you a singer" I said
His eyes lit up..
and for a very brief moment , he was that guy again


Black Slate formed in (1974) were/are a British Reggae Band

Amigo charted at no 9 in the UK charts
... but I can honestly say I don't remember ever seeing this video

.. and you thought Pharell was king of the funny hat

I do however, remember this performance

Night night x


  1. It's sounds like you made Keith really happy by recognizing him as a singer!

    Music can evoke a lot of emotions. I agree with you - it should never be used as torture.

    1. He really was Sherry, funny really. I really loved that tune so I can never forget
      I agree with you Sherry
      Who'd have thought.. music as torture.. what next chocolate?

  2. Really interesting documentry! Thanks for the recommendation, also agree that music for torture is just awful! Why ruin a great thing??

    1. I'm glad you found it interesting!, me too. the sesame street thing was really creepy.. who does that?
      Why ruin a great thing indeed