Sunday, 8 June 2014

Soulmate Sunday - with the Crown Prince of Reggae

Dennis Brown was born Dennis Emmanuel Brown in Kingston on the Caribbean Island of Jamaica, on February 1st 1957.
Singing as a youngster aged 9yrs, Dennis had his 1st hit aged 11yrs, with - No Man is an Island.

Dennis Brown, died of pneumonia, July 1st 1999 aged 42.
Brown, a phenomenal singer was alleged to have had only one lung.
It's alleged that his latter drug use ( cocaine ) weakened his remaining lung, and is reported to have died from lung failure related to pneumonia.

Other sources state that although never confirmed/diagnosed, Brown was believed to have the AIDS virus and died from AIDS related pneumonia. Only people that knew Dennis closely knew that his health was failing.

Dennis Brown was truly the crown Prince of Reggae and left us a catalog of some of the greatest ever music.
and i'm told by those who met him, that he was a really nice man.

It's a beautifully sunny day, I hope you enjoy..
and... enjoy the sounds of the Crown Prince of Reggae. x

For a Dennis Brown biography click {here] and [here] and [here]


  1. I'd never heard of him! I'm not very familiar with reggae music, though. Happy Sunday!

    1. Hi Stephanie.. thanks for your comment.
      Okay ...
      Bob Marley - the King
      Marcia Griffiths - the Queen
      Dennis Brown - The Crown Prince :)

      Happy Sunday to you too!